We went to the temple to meet Ravi Shankar. Ravishankar took him to death. Somrand Shank said, I am not ready to believe that after the temple service after the service.

 Show that you were there. In the most beautiful words of Somachand Seth, Ravi Shankar Pujari said to prove his point, Farojharmitra said to you, looking for the moon of Lakshmipura.

 So five people will die in both villages, but here the friends are separated. The number ten has arrived. Ravisquisher responded to Ravi Shankar's worship four days later. 

He went home and met a friend who said I had not told him. Somachand Seth said to tell me my dream and lie on my stomach in that speech. Pujharaba laughed out loud.

Somachand Seth says that now Somachand, light, thin, lines, this friend who came with him is not ashamed that when he comes. Pajhardaba said why did it turn out he was dead to all five people? Shade said, "Yes. Why did the common cold die because of the corona. 

Feel the impact of worship and cold." Said Shane. As a result of the corona, five people were killed in an attempt to seize his friend's hand, but the rest died mentally, and after an investigation the sad face died. Talk to Puharavapa In his speech, he did not leave a friend behind.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

They say, hear the mind. Somachand Sheth is gone. Will you be afraid of death? Pujharaba said, yes. It will be so. This is a common cold, so a two-day job can be achieved. Thus, the mind lied to the corona of the corona. Poojaribapa says people are also understandable.

 Two in mind - four days later, Seth's life expanded and became a cart. Now it was washed away that I too was worried about the Corporation. She took the doctor's advice. Medications The weekend is over but your usual voice is your thoughts.

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