What Happens to Those Who Die, Their Facebook Account?

Millions of people around the world have Facebook accounts, so it’s no surprise that account holders always die. Sometimes, the profile of the deceased disappears after their death, while in other cases, their profile remains on the site. So what exactly happens to your Facebook account when you “go to the rainbow”? As it turns out, there are some things that can happen

How to report the death of someone to Facebook?

When you are on a page with a legacy contact, at the end of the page, Facebook asks you if you want to give information about a dead person to Facebook. By clicking on it, you reach a form, which you have to fill before the account owner is declared dead.

But it is not that you make anyone dead. Death certificate of the dying person has to be uploaded. Only after verifying that, Facebook will declare that person dead.

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Even after your death, Facebook will not share your message with anyone in any way. Neither will you give your login details to anyone. According to the privacy policy of Facebook, this is a crime. And they don’t do that at all.

It is our wish that you live a hundred years and be perfectly healthy. But be aware that if something untoward happens to you or someone close to you, no one can misuse your Facebook.

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