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We are committed to sustainability in all of our operations and as a result, we are continually working to make improvements. We are continually learning and improving our processes and processes are working to make a difference to our customers. The farm is owned and managed by the Pima County Water District, and we are committed to growing sustainable agricultural products that are good for the environment and good for our customers.

Our mission is to support farmers in their effort to provide sustainable, fair, and nutritious food and farming practices. We also support and encourage people to use sustainable practices in their food choices. We believe that we are helping people to be more conscious about what they eat. With a focus on local, sustainable, and ethical agriculture, we are helping people to take control of their health and the environment they rely on.

We feel it is important to acknowledge that we are living in a capitalist system. A lot of people believe they can get by on the most basic human needs, but there are also other things which may be overlooked or mismanaged - such as water; food and waste management; education for children & young adults; soil conservation; biodiversity restoration, etc. This raises another question-what kindofplanet do we want to create?

We believe that the best way to help our planet’s farmers is to help our own people. We know that the world’s people need to get out of poverty sooner, not later, and that a healthy, sustainable food system should be one of the first steps. We are one of the first and only brands to offer farm-to-table meals at affordable prices.

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We are committed to making sustainable farming a reality for our farmers. We do this through our diverse crop insurance program, sustainability training for our employees and farm worker cooperatives. We're a small company that has a vision to be the best farm in the market. We want to help farmers grow and grow with the best quality of life, and we do that by sourcing and purchasing the best products possible.

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