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Our team provides professional, efficient and personalised care. The majority of our team are physiotherapists and medical doctors, which has allowed us to develop an extensive skill-set and experience. We offer physiotherapy, fitness, physiotherapy, sports coaching, and personal training.

Our team of physiotherapists is highly experienced and skilled.

Our team comprises of a dedicated physiotherapist, an advanced medical assistant, a sports therapist and a fitness expert. We have a highly skilled team of healthcare professionals in sports medicine with proven recovery and injury prevention techniques. On a routine basis we will deliver a therapeutic massage and a rehabilitation massage to suit your needs. These are delivered in a modern, professional and soothing ambiance. We will ensure your pain is reduced and your spirits are lifted.

Our team of physiotherapists are highly experienced and skilled.

Our team also include physiotherapists who are highly experienced and skilled. Our staff are highly educated and have the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to safely and effectively treat patients at all ages and with all types of injuries.

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Our team consists of highly experienced physiotherapists and physiotherapists trained in other modalities such as neuro-linguistic programming, neuromuscular therapy, myoskeletal alignment therapy and muscle energy technique. Our team is always eager to learn and we are always looking to add to our team. Our team is based in Devon, London and Devon.

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