How to Set Your Selfie With Girls

 Taking a good selfie should not be difficult. But we all know that feeling very well: you will all feel hot and confident and take a selfie, eager to send it to last night's sexy Tinder date, and surprisingly - your camera has suddenly become cold and vengeful and you He will refuse to get caught. You really see.

You have two options. Frustrated until you get frustrated and lose your self-confidence, with every selfie, until you get frustrated or read our 13 selfie tips and learn how to take a good selfie every time.

You are not very satisfied with your quality Cellis and whenever he takes one, he hesitates to post it on social media because he thinks it is not so good to watch. If you answered yes to this question, then obviously you want to know how to make a perfect selfie. I guess that's right? Well then I'm happy to let you know that you've come to the right place at the right time.

In the following paragraphs, in fact, I will give you some "tips" that will be very useful for taking a good quality selfie and avoid some of the mistakes that are usually made to make a selfie. In addition, I will explain in detail the operation of some free applications that allow you to take "perfect" selfies using a variety of filters and effects.

Tell me, are you still interested in knowing if you can improve the quality of your selfies? Well then relax yourself, use all that time to focus you on reading this tutorial, and implement the various suggestions I will give you in the next few minutes. You will see, at the end of this reading, taking a selfie will no longer be a problem for you! Enjoy and enjoy your reading!

General tips for making the perfect selfie

There is no “magic bullet” formula that allows you to take a complete selfie. However, by adopting a few tricks, which I will now list, it is possible to take good quality photos, without having to "pull" your selfie "heavily" again.

Choose the right lighting - this is the basic prerequisite for creating a “perfect” selfie. Choosing the right lighting can really help you avoid taking shots that are too "dark" (due to too little light) or "burn out" (due to too much light). If you want to get the right lighting, pay attention to the atmosphere you are in - if it is too bright, maybe direct sunlight, try going to an area with a little more shade.

By the way, if you are in a semi-dark environment, find a light source (window, lamp, etc.) that can give your shot a little more light, but also be careful which direction the source is coming from. Bright: Coming from the background, the subjects will be “blackened; When light comes from the front, it can highlight some of the "unhappy" features of the subjects depicted in the foreground.

Choose a background carefully - a background that is too "confused" can distract people who will look at your selfie and focus only on the background from the foreground topic (or frontline topics). To avoid the so-called "silhouette effect" I recommend avoiding too bright a background; This is part of choosing good lighting, as I said before.

Pay attention to your appearance - because, as they say, "the eye also wants to be a part of it" selfies need to take care of your appearance to look good. To be clear, you don’t necessarily have to be dressed like you go to a wet dinner, but you don’t even have to look sluggish or relaxed. In short, a little taste will never hurt!


Don't "duck face" - "curl" the lips when taking a selfie, the so-called "effect" can create a "duck face".

Smile By doing this, you will not only get more out of your facial features, but you will also relax all your facial muscles, which will improve the overall quality of your timer. And then let's face it, one smile always stimulates positive emotions in another, so… smile!

Improve your best side - In the moments before taking your selfie, considering the surrounding lighting, background and all the other factors, turn your head a little to improve your best side, I mentioned in the previous lines. As soon as you find your best side, take a selfie!

Use a selfie stick - If you want to take a perfect group selfie, you need to use a selfie stick. By doing so, you can work in complete comfort and above all, without running the risk of "cutting" some friends. If you do not have a selfie stick available, you can buy it here on Amazon or in most electronics stores: their price is a few euros and it is very practical and portable.

An app for creating complete selfies

Be realistic: Even if you put up "tips" I've shown you in practice in previous paragraphs, you won't always be able to take a complete selfie. For this reason, I suggest you download some on your device and use it when necessary to correct application errors to create a perfect selfie that will make your selfies look ugly. Try the apps listed below and you won't be disappointed.

Download selfie with girls

Selfie Camera Expert (Android / iOS): This minimalist app is really easy to use. Selfie Camera Expert also offers many filters and effects to apply to your selfies in real time and, at the very least, allows you to change some of the parameters of your photos, such as brightness and color.

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