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F55 is one small studio in Houston that gives back to all people who give their time through fitness or education!

The first 30 minutes of the class focus on getting your body in position and getting your mind on a good note. The 2nd and 3rd 30 minutes focus on your breath and a little bit of relaxation as well. The 4th and 5th 60 minutes focus on the purpose of the class. The 6th and 7th 70 minutes focus on building on the poses to build strength, balance and flexibility, all with a focus on relaxation.

If yoga is about feeling good...this is about how we create those feelings from the inside out!

In this 75 minute class you will learn proper postures for your individual goal. Each class is dynamic and challenging, with a focus on form and structure. We offer 4 levels of classes: Advanced - High Intensity Flow, Functional, Focused, and Easy. Each class is unique and is designed to challenge and uplift your body, mind, and spirit. Pilates is a comprehensive system of physical exercises and exercises, which aim to improve posture, flexibility, strength and well-being.

The first half of class will focus on the foundation of power yoga, while the second half will focus on strengthening and core conditioning. We will explore postures such as forward bends, side bends, lunge and seated postures. Then, we will move into some of our favorite poses and teach how to incorporate these poses into your practice. The end of all classes will have a breathing and stretching session.

These classes are suitable for all levels, and are perfect for those that are new to yoga or are just looking for a little challenge. This 80 minute class features a variety of postures, with a focus on flexibility, stamina, strength and endurance. A challenging sequence of postures that are highly beneficial for all ages and levels of ability. This class is suitable for all levels, regardless of experience, and is appropriate for all levels. You have been chosen to do what? Good questions.

Be ready to learn powerful and creative poses that challenge you. Classes run 24/7 on our studio's business hours from 8am-5pm, excluding holidays. You will work hard, be prepared and learn a lot. All levels welcome, you will feel good and you will excel. Our signature class blends the Pilates equipment, with a dance performance. This class is the perfect way to meet new clients and build a confidence while getting in some hard work with expert instruction.

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