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Col Online Colleges A teacher is a person who helps others acquire knowledge, competitions or values. C Online classes will informally take on the role of teacher by anyone (e.g. when coworkers show you how to do a particular task). In some countries, the process of educating young people of school age can be done in an informal setting, such as within the family, to a significant extent.

 This article focuses on people who have a job, as their main role, to teach others in the context of formal education, such as in school or early education, formal education or other place of training.

This is in part because education is a social practice that takes place in a particular context (time, place, culture, socio-political-economic situation, etc.) and therefore reflects the values ​​of that particular context. Factors affecting the expectation (or necessity) of teachers end history and tradition, social opinions about the purpose of teaching, acceptance of theories about learning, etc. College online college course

Research shows that student motivation and attitude towards school go hand in hand with student-teacher relationships. Is connected. Enthusiastic teachers are especially good at building beneficial relationships with their students. Their ability to create an effective learning environment that promotes student achievement depends on the type of relationship they have with their students. Useful teacher-to-student interactions are crucial in linking academic success to personal achievement. Here, personal success is the student's inner goal of improving himself, while academic success includes the goals he achieves from his superiors.


A teacher must guide his student to align his personal goals with his academic goals. Students who receive this positive influence show more confidence and greater personal and academic success than these teacher interactions. Students are likely to build strong relationships with teachers who are friendly and supportive and will show more interest in the courses taught by these teachers. Teachers who spend more time interacting and working directly with students are considered helpful and effective teachers.

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