General Knowledge Booklet - I Become Cosmic

 Friends, we all want to move forward in life. We never want to be left behind. If life is a race, we want to show it by winning. But then many of us are unable to do all this. Just thinking and mind are left.

Why is it that some people get what they want in life and some people are unable to get anything. Friends, if we are not moving forward in life, then our life is meaningless.

Let me help you today and I will tell you how we can move forward in life. There are some rules that you should know. Let us now come to the rules without taking much time.

Set your goal first.

If we want to move forward, then it is necessary to have a goal. Wherever we cannot go without the goal. The first thing you need to do is to set your goal. You have to find out in which direction you have to move.

Prepare a list of what you do every day.

After setting the goal, you have to prepare a list and write everything that you do everyday in that list and also write how much time you give in each of those tasks. Now write your goal in that list as well.

Put down the important work in the list and keep the wasteful work that you used to do above.

Friends, this is because we cannot change ourselves in a day. Nothing happens in a day. It takes a constant effort to change oneself. Therefore, you have to write those works first in the list, you used to do it unnecessarily every day. And the goal is to write at the bottom. And then you have to work according to the list.

Do you know what will happen with this? This will instill a fear in you. That rate will be that you are doing nothing of the goal and wasting your time in useless things.

Continue to clear the list slowly from above.

When you start feeling such a fear, just a small work has to be done to keep the list clear gradually. You have to remove those things where you were going without reason for a long time. Friends, I have already said that it is not a matter of a day. It may take months, but believe me, you will change and now your mind will start to do things which were not there before. And when you feel like you will start having fun, and when you start enjoying work, then we forget everything that is useless for us.

Now turn the list upside down.

Now you will feel lighter, where there were 10 works in your list, now you will be left 3-4. Now you have to do these three four things. Turn your list upside down and do the most important work first.

હું બનું વિશ્વમાનવી ભાગ ૧

હું બનું વિશ્વમાનવી ભાગ ૨

હું બનું વિશ્વમાનવી ભાગ 3

In the end

If anything puts any obstacle in our journey to move forward, then it is the unnecessary work that we do but it is not important for us. Whoever has progressed in the world today also has 12 hours to work and you also have, but then why is he ahead of you. Because he has left something to get something. In English, we speak about it by sacrificing it. If you want to get something, then you have to be ready to leave too much. And do not panic, all those things will be left to you one by one, you have to give time to work in those things which are not important to you, yet you do. You can not get everything in life. Learn to Sacrifice. Sachin Tendulkar is called a great batsman, do you know that it has happened to him that friends are saying that he is going to watch cinema and Sachin has refused. Friends, this is what the Sacrifice says, so much has to be left to get something.

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