Ekam Kasoti Ma Mash Kopi Janase to?

May Medium Criteria will be made available on GCERT ( website dated 28/01/2021 as well as Gujarati Medium Criteria which can also be obtained from the OR Code on this subject: Index of Textbook. Students are expected to write the above criteria from home under parental supervision for the convenience of the parent and student.

You are requested to proceed beyond your level in view of the following regarding the routine test conducted in the month of January. Eva (around) and Science and Social Science examinations will be taken in standard-in. In the month of January from 3 to 8. The above periodic evaluation tests dt. Scheduled between 28/01/2021 and 29/01/2021, tests will have to be given by students in hard copy or soft copy.

According to the above subject and context - Assessment with home learning during COVID-19: In July, August, September, October and December, in the first semester, periodic values ​​of academic subjects were examined for standard-academic students. 1 to 8 in each medium in primary schools.

It is to be noted that the schools which have declared Christmas vacation in the primary schools will be able to change the dates of these examinations. These schools have to organize the examination in such a way that the answer books of the examination will be returned to the school by 06/1/2021. & Nbsp; The syllabus of the examination will be as follows.

A test is an assessment that measures an examinee's ranking on knowledge, ability, aptitude, physical fitness or many other subjects. A test can be administered orally, on paper, on a computer, or in a predefined field in which the examinee is required to demonstrate or perform a set of skills.

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