Download Detail How to open kotak 811 Bank acoount At home

 Download Detail How to open Kotak 811 Bank account At home:  Opening an account in a bank is a very big job, one gets so much busy lifetime and it takes 2 to 3 days to open a bank account, after that people get upset by circling the bank and A lot of documents are required which if you want to open a bank account, it is necessary to get a signature in the form of testimony from an account holder in the same bank, you have to face many such problems.

Kotak Mahindra Account


India is moving very fast towards digitization, so now there is no need to put in lines in the bank, now everything has been done online and which has not happened yet, then it will be done in a few days and everything will sit at home. You can access it from your phone (laptop) and every person needs to open an account in the bank, whether it is a normal person or a businessman, the need to open an account is almost People have

What is Kotak 811?

Its full name is Kotak Mahindra Private Bank (Kotak Mahindra Bank PVT). It is a private sector bank. It was started in February 2003 with its founder Uday Kotak and its headquarters in Mumbai Maharashtra India. Kotak Mahindra Banking and Financial Service (Financial Service) provides related services in this bank, you can open your savings account online sitting at home, you do not need to go to the bank branch and you can open an account in Zero Balance in this bank.

In Kotak Mahindra Bank, you can open an account from your phone in 5 minutes, after opening the account, you will also get a debit card account number and NetBanking facility by the bank and you can control your account completely from your phone. It is very easy to open and secure (5) to 6% from your savings account from Kotak Bank.

How to open an account in Kotak 811?

It is very easy to open an account in Mahindra Kotak Bank. Let's know how to open your account. Mahindra Kotak Bank account can be opened online in two ways. First, you can open the official website of Kotak Bank, and second You can download the application of Kotak 811 in your phone and open an account by giving some of your personal details (details) Today I will learn to open an account through the application of Kotak Bank.

1. First of all you have to download the Android application of Kotak 811 (Kotak 811) from the Play Store and open it, after this, you will get two options. the First option: Get Started Now which if you have no new account in Kotak Bank If you want to open an account and for the first time you are opening your account in Kotak Bank, then you click on the first option, which is your account first, then you have the second option: Click here to log in. If your account is already in Kotak Mahindra Bank, then Clicking on the second option will be done.

2. Before opening a new account, click on Option: Get Started Now, you will ask for some details, after filling your full name (Mobile Number) and email (Email), click on Get your mobile number But one (OTP) will come, put it and click on Next

3. After that you have to enter your Aadhaar number and PAN card and click on Next. After filling in some personal details from you, click on Next and you will have to enter a Nominee, after that you click on Continue. You will then be asked for KYC, after spending your time there, a person will come to your house towards Kotak and your KYC will go to your house, if you want to go to Mahindra Kotak Bank branch full KYC then you Mahindra Kotak Bank should choose a branch and get the branch visited and get KYC done.

4. After that you will choose the password for NetBanking, then you will have to create an M pin, to do all this, your account has been opened and you can transact from this account.

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Benefits of Kotak 811 Bank

If we talk about the benefits of Kotak Mahindra Bank, then there is a lot of benefit from Kotak 811 as compared to all banks. Let us know the advantages.

1. Kotak Mahindra Bank pays 5% to 6% percent interest on its savings account holder.

2. Converting the remaining money in Kotak 811 Current Account into Fixed Debit and giving a good return to your customer, this is a very good profit that anyone can take such a facility in any bank.

3. You can open your account on zero balance.

4. There is no need to know the entire control bank of the account from your phone.

5. With Kotak 811 you get a Virtual Debit Card and very easily

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