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I am passionate about helping people find their own authentic self, but find it difficult to figure out what that is. I love the idea of being able to create a space for my students to find their true selves. 

I teach mindful-aware yoga, yoga classes for clients who want to build their yoga practice to incorporate more physical practice as well as workshops and retreats that integrate body positivity and empowerment. I love the idea of being able to create a space for my students to find their true selves

I enjoy exploring the natural world and looking for new threats to face and how to deal with them, I also enjoy learning about our planet and the interconnectedness of the human community. My passion for the practice led me to become a certified yoga teacher and to learn more about yoga principles and classes. I enjoy teaching yoga classes, as I feel comfortable in a safe and nurturing environment.

I am a family-oriented individual. My hobbies include making friends, volunteering at local charities.

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spending time with my family and friends, and spending time with my dogs. I'm a family person, but I have a family background as a commercial fisherman in the Gulf of Mexico, so I also have a deep background in life and family. I also have a background as a social worker, so I've worked with people in crisis and in the inner city, as well as with youth. I'm always learning, and I love to learn more!


I teach meditation, a gentle form of yoga that helps our bodies reconnect with their natural state of wellness. I also teach yoga and public speaking, which is a combination of both of these yoga disciplines. I like to be able to help people change the way they feel about themselves and their bodies through mindful and conscious movements. I have a masters degree in teaching and I'm currently working on my doctorate in psychology. I am a member of the American Academy of Clinical Massage and a Certified Personal Trainer. I love to cook, craft, paint and travel. I'm a community activist, student and teacher. I am passionate about inspiring and sharing my knowledge of the human body and the yoga lifestyle.

Download AstroSage Kundli: Astrology App

I grew up in Chicago's North and Southside, attended East-West College of the Healing Arts in Tacoma and graduated in 2007. I have taught for four years at a school in Seattle, taught and coached in South Seattle at a small yoga studio, and worked in community-based organizations in North Lake Union and downtown Seattle. I'm a lover of animals and nature, as well as people and yoga. I've been teaching yoga for about ten years and hope to continue teaching for many more. I also coach a group called the Vibrant Body Team, which combines yoga, sports and active living.

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