You Are Also Coming Soon Bagasa

Every time we sleep, there is a bad smell, but not always. Sometimes, this can be something else. Yes, if you have frequent nausea, it does not cause sleep, but it may be a sign of a serious illness. Here is a look at some of the tasks you can do to make the road easier.

Will you be in a bad place soon? So be careful! This can be a serious illness

That's why the bad smell swayed

Indeed, lung diseasecan occur when the brain has low oxygen flow and high carbon dioxide content. During this time people get mistakes. The oxygen flow to the brain increases rapidly and helps to remove bad air from the lungs.

So many people are concerned with their heart. Whenever the body lacks oxygen, it takes more effort to pump blood and at the same time increases the risk of a heart attack.

Besides, stress can be the main cause of the binge. It is said that increasing stress increases the temperature of the brain. This gives us enough oxygen. Which also gives peace to the mind.

Most of the time, when you wake up after sleeping or when you come home from outside, the body has less energy and it is necessary to be a little more tired whenever it happens. You need more oxygen to increase your energy level and therefore two thegassis.

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