Viral Stories Of Sanand Candidates give Sadness in heart Scrawled Stories Relatable

This person was not in a position to speak, but he used to write a regular petition to the Lord with a pen on the slate near his bed. But, it seems as if God is also saying that, you still have to enjoy your karma, when the sum of your debts and deposits is repaid, then you will be liberated from this life.

The person we are talking about is the owner of a magnificent two storey bungalow with AC in 3 rooms to 3 rooms. There is a 2 inch TV in the living room of the house. And in the house 5 kinds of dishes and dishes are prepared. In addition to this, the balance of crores of rupees in the bank, the father of a son and daughter and the shadow of an old parent are present.

Tears begin to flow from his eyes as he says this. The old father of this Talati Saheb has to sit on his back for 2 hours. This condition of the son is not tolerated by him so for the first time any father prays to God for the death of his son.


From this whole thing you can guess that this person is happy and prosperous in everything except health. But now he is bedridden suffering from throat cancer and his condition is like a living corpse. In spite of such a happy life, he cannot take advantage of it.


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