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Google India keyboard licenseis is for writing updates on casual networks or to create messages in your own nearest livepage on your Android phone.

On your telephone, you can enter and use a Google Indic keyboard to enter your language in the local content above; Your telephone cannot under any circumstances strengthen your language.

The Google Indic keyboard promotes a variety of information:

Writing mode - Get your local language yield by publishing oratory using English characters (for example, "Namaste" - > "Namaste").

Original Keyboard Mode - Type directly in the original script.

Signature mode (currently available only for Hindi) - Write directly to your phone screen.

Hinglish Mode - If you choose "Hindi" as an input language, the English keyboard will indicate both English and Hinglish words.

How can I set it as an empowerment and default console?

Open Settings: Under keyboard and INPUT METHODS field, go to the language and input, select the current keyboard> select the keyboard -> check "Google Indic Keyboard" -> return to "Language and Information" -> Select the current keyboard> "Select English and Indian languages (Google Indic Keyboard) "When composing an information b ink, you will likely be able to use the same screen as you can.

Under the "Console and Input Method" segment> open the language and input, check the Google Indic keyboard, click Default at the time, and select "Google Indic Keyboard" in the "Select Input Strategy" speech.

While composing in data b inks, you can also change the default input technique by selecting "Select Input Strategy" in the information field.

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