મહિલાઓની સુરક્ષા માટે TrueCaller એ લોન્ચ કરી ગાર્ડિયન એપ

Exploring new places, walking home alone, not getting to know someone you don’t know, taking a late night cab ride - these are some of the things that can make us feel insecure, especially for women. In 2021, we all have phones, and now they can be our line of defense.

By choosing trustworthy people as your guardians, and allowing you to see where you are, you can find peace of mind and protection if anything goes wrong.


Invite your friends and family to be your guardians. Choose people you trust to see your location when needed.

Share your GPS location privately. Only your parents can see you there and check your safety.

Set Forever Sharing Forever. You may choose to share your location permanently with certain trusted people.

Notify your parents immediately when you feel insecure using the I need help feature

Battery life, network power and phone status can also be shared. This can be important information for your parents and your safety.


Color Identification Application TrueClear has announced a new application called Guardian. It's another application of Truecaller. The Guardian is a personal security app where users can add their family, friends and even executives. It comes with various features that help you keep in touch with your family, friends and emergency officials. In an emergency you can share your location with selected parents by tapping the "Emergency" button. You can also choose to enlist the help of "Community Gardens" which will find your location after tapping the emergency button. The sign-in process is fairly simple for Truecolor users with a single tap. Let's take a look at the Guardian app launched today.

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