These Benefits of Dates

Dates are used as fruitand dried fruits. There are many varieties available in the market. This also changes the price. During The Month of Ramadan, Muslim communities open their fasts by eating dates. Because it is an instant-energy-giving fruit. It gives energy and energy to the body. 

Fresh dates are very soft. It digests quickly. It contains glucosand gives the body energy. Dates benefit from cold food. Because it helps keep the body warm from inside. Eating dates has many benefits. But if it is not eaten properly, it can also cause damage. 

1. Date palms contain potassium. Bp is controlled by eating it. This also helps in relieving stroke, cholesterol and heart diseases. 

2. Date is a treasure trove of iron. If the body has haemoglobin deficiency, date palm should be eaten daily with milk.

3. Date palm should also be consumed to relieve constipation. Date palms are high in fibre. This helps to relieve stomach problems and constipation. Eating an empty stomach date palm every morning benefits you. 

4. Dates contain sugar, protein and vitamins. It removes vitamin and minerals deficiencies in the body. It provides nutrition to the body. For this, date-palm should be eaten daily with milk.

5. Date palm sandis are beneficial for pregnant women. Consuming it helps to eliminate congenital diseases. 

6. Date palms are rich in vitamin A. It does not cause eye problems. Night blindness also helps to avoid eating dates. 

7. Date palms are the best source of calcium. Eating it strengthens the bone. 

Damage caused by eating dates

1. Date palms increase blood sugar in the body. Therefore, do not consume too much. 

2. Avoid eating dates if you are overweight. It can lead to weight gain.

3. Dates often cause diarrhea. 

4. If it is also allergic to many people, consult your doctor. 

Date-store method

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

1. Fresh dates can be eaten for 6 months when frozen in an airtight container. 

2. Dried date palm can be stored for up to a year. 

3. It should be kept in airtight containers, bags or containers.

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