The Fun and Education in Woot Kids is available in the first and safeapp. In addition to the world's most popular video content, e-books, audio audio stories and games are best selling in 5 different skill domains for your children's overall experience of entertainment and learning.

Books are made from various types. The collection includes books such as Chhota Bhim, Motu Patlu, Ben 10, Dora the Explorer, Thumblina, Masha and Bear, Wheels Then Bus, Aladdin, Gulliver Travels, The Agli Duckling, Jack and The Unstalland Little Red Riding Hood. A collection of oxford's popular titles, such as Ellison's Adventures in Wonderland, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty and more.

The app has a reading level marked, which will help you track your child's progress. Wot Kids also recommends books to improve reading levels. All books have been created to help your children read comfortably on mobile screens. Character-like features will allow children to learn new words. They can tap any word or double-tap to know the meaning of the word they do not know at any time during reading.

You are driving, sleeping your children, or just entertaining them, we have stories brought to life with music, sound effects and narrative. Stories of sleeping in a melodious voice with quiet music to help your children sleep. His dreams will be filled with Indian folk stories and kalaitclassics. You can choose from various categories like Cinderella, Princess and the Frog, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and The Little Mermaid or The Little Mermaid or The Jataka Tales from various categories such as The Clover Rabbit, The Stupid Jacqueline, The Lion in Bed Company and others.

We have created unique games that will help your children learn and test their passion while answering multiple selection questions and get rewards in the process. From creative expression, language skills, math and logic to healthy habits, values and basic etiquette, Woot children will help your children find the world around you in a fun and easy way.

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