The Color of the Tongue Shows Signs of Any Disease

The tongue is a key part of our body. This is what makes us aware of the different tastes of food. It is light red pink in appearance, but if the tongue changes its color, it indicates a serious pathomorphic appearance. It is necessary to pay attention to the time that is required. Let us know today what the color of the tongue indicates.

Dark Red

If your tongue is as red as strawberry color, it is a matter of concern. Where bacteria develop in the tongue. In this case, one may find it difficult to taste. If this problem lasts longer, the risk of scarlet fever increases.

White spots

People who consume more tobacco, leaves, alcohol, etc. may start to turn white by light pink. This indicates that there is a disease like leukapalia. Eating anything cold, hot and spicy can cause a severe mouth infection.

Black color

If the tongue becomes darker, the risk of developing blood cancer increases.

Dark Yellow

The color of the tongue is dark yellow, which indicates a problem in the liver and bile.


Even taking a late shower in the rain is common, but suddenly the tongue color changes from normal to blue, which indicates a loss of lungs. This can lead to a risk of developing diseases associated with lung functioning.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Dark white

If the tongue is white, there is a risk of stomach upset. If the tongue is similar, it increases the risk of stomach disease.

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