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The caller name speaker announces everything. When someone calls you or sends you a message, you recognize your smart phone.

If you have saved the name in the contact list, name the caller name speaker app. If the number is not stored in your contact list, it will declare that an unknown number will call you. This ID announcer and SMS content advertiser app is the best choice for Android when you are working, driving or doing other things. To put your phone in hands free mode.

The caller name announcer and SMS talker uses a built-in Android text-to-speech engine to speak the "incoming" caller name or sms sender's name and sms content.

Caller Name Speaker: And if your smart phone does not have a text-to-speech library, the Clark ID announcer won't work, but this is not a problem. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store.

How the caller ID announcer works

Declare the caller's name in contact

If contacts do not exist, call unknown

Incoming SMS contents and the name of the presenter

Caller ID Ad:

The name of the caller who announced the caller is spoken loudly. No need to see your phone anymore. The True ID Declaration will act as your personal secretary. The caller name announcer gives its user the freedom to choose different ringing tunes according to their requirements and the announcer white list.

Caller K Flash Screen:

Color Screen Changer App reminds you of the calls coming from color screen display Color K Call flash screen app change your default k call screen screen themes, which provide a variety of funny, love color screen themes to customize the color screen. The Screen Themeapp allows you to set a Call screen theme for all contacts or set a Call flash for specific people.

Download the Caller Allowance app here


Bright and bright power flashlight app that uses bright LED flashlight. Specialised flashlight for Android phones and tablets. Bright light uses camera LED flash for emission. Please note that some devices do not have flash camera. Once you have downloaded the flashlight, you should never forget to bring this torch with you.

Flash on All and SMS:

Flash alert on call and SMS Is a smart app to remind you of a call or SMS that comes with flashing camera flashlight. Therefore, call on SMS and this flash will clearly notify you by flash alert with flash lead flashing. Useful flash alerts in dark places or meetings where ringtones or vibrations are disrupted. This flash-no-line app is easy to use user friendly and flash alerts.

Default phone dialer:

This app must be set as a default default phone dialer to function properly and can show you a custom call screen.

Outgoing calls not working?

To make outgoing calls, please set default sim 1 or SIM 2 from your phone settings.

Customize your caller's name and SMS speaker

Sound Pitch Settings

Announcer for Whastapp

Custom volume settings.

Enable/ disable the caller name announcer.

Enable/ disable the name of the incoming SMS practitioner.

Change repeat mode announcements.

Selecting delay time between announcements.

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Battery announcer with level announcements and charging announcements

Option to switch between languages supported by text-to-speech engine on your phone

You are able to edit the caller name and text before/after SMS. It's nice to add "sir" or "my lord" before the address name.

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