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Sitting in the same position for hours and working in the office can put pressure on your back. Sitting on our spine is 50% more stressful than standing on our spine. This is because back pain is more common in people who sit for hours. But if we take some precautions and improve our way of life, we can get relief from this pain.

Long-term neglect of back pain.

Usually, when a person has a back pain for the first time, he has to wait a while, and the pain will be removed soon. But if pain does not subside after waiting for a while, the patient should consult the doctor immediately. Housewives in particular avoid going to a doctor for back pain. Trying to cure the home. But if back pain lasts longer than seven days, you should contact the physical therapist immediately. Knowing the root cause of pain, starting treatment and doing certain types of exercises. Prolonged neglect often puts patients in great trouble.

Take long term treatment with a family doctor.

Patients often take painkillers when treatment is done by their family doctor. The patient feels good as long as he takes the medicine. Pain begins immediately after the drug stops. The family doctor is not aware of the problems and pain of the severe spinal cord. So if their treatment does not seem to be of any benefit in the short run, consult the doctors who know the exact pain of vertebre. which will help you to reach the root cause of pain and to heal it very well.

Haste to have back pain surgery.

People usually consult spin surgeons directly these days without waiting for any back pain and they recommend surgery. The vertebrae, the veins that flow from it are very sensitive. So surgery is often a hasty decision. The lower back is also very low as the patient gets 100% relief after surgery. Therefore, patients should wait for pain and back pain without surgery before consulting spinal surgeons. and give some time to treat non-surgical treatment. Proper and good cut muscle exercise should be done for three to four months for lower back problems like wrist puncture, nerve compression, bead removal, which is a good result for most patients. Surgery lasts permanently.

Prolonged inactivity.

If you suddenly have back pain and you rest for a few days and use a back band, there is nothing wrong with it, but often people are completely inactive. This cut causes the muscles around the meruandto to harden very hard. The core and abdominal muscles are weak and stiff, more pain in the back. So, after a while go to the physical therapist. Teaching specific back exercises and making them part of your daily life is just as beneficial.

Treatment based on X-ray, MRI and CT scan.

One thing that is considered in medical power is never to treat the patient's pain, to treat x-rays, MRI, CT-scan. Therefore, most people in today's society cannot get relief from back pain, as it is reported that they are treated only. Not the original patient. X-rays, MRI, CT-scanare are just one type of photo. There is no pain in it. The patient is upset with the pain. The report often shows common discomfort in beads, while the patient is in entrepreneurial pain, and often the mattress is pressed, but in fact the patient is in very little pain. Do not rely too much on X-rays, MRI or CT scans. Your doctor will check you, see the severity of the pain, determine the disease under you and help you to treat you properly and well. Hence, the history and physical examination of the patient plays a very important role in diagnosis of the disease. The better diagnosis, better treatment. 

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The better treatment of the disease, the better the chances of the disease being eliminated. If the disease is cured, it is less likely to occur again. Back pain is different for every patient. The patient understands the disease better, the chances of treatment are higher.

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