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Today, the most common problem is knee pain. These days, people everywhere are talking about the pain of the lot. According to a survey, 60% of people in India complain of knee pain at the age of 44. Difficulty sitting and standing, difficulty in straighting the legs and knees in sleep are common in this pain.

As a result of clothes and tears, the nerves around the bone begin to fill with water, forming small cracks and testophytes on the bone surface. This causes difficulty in movement of joints. Often a small part of the brain comes in jointand causes more pain. As the mezzanie's clothes and tears grow, the joints become smaller and the clothes and tears reach the bone-bone surface, the surface does not bend and the feet do not bend.

Swelling on the knee, pain, inability to bend legs, reduced mobility, joint noise during movement, one leg shortening.

Knee pain is a type of clothing that usually occurs in the mattress under the bone with age. With age, both bones begin to get closer to each other. This causes swelling and inertia among them. This causes problems in everyday life.

This type of knee disease usually begins after 6 years in women and 20 years in men. And with age, these clothes and tears grow.

The first reason is age. As a person grows older, the muscles around his knee joint sit weak with age. which causes the beginning of pain. The truth is that the older a person gets, the less he is. If we consider the weakness of the knee, the knee is mainly three bones.

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These include famer, tibia and petella. The space between two bones, tibia and femmer has been reduced. This is called knee wear. It is therefore said that almost all people experience a decline in the space with age. This means that the space between the two bones (knee) has been reduced and the clothes and tears are very normal and natural. But in today's society, there is a wrong feeling of fear among people that you are tired of. Knee/knee clothing and noise? Looks like two bones are hitting each other? While many things are natural processes from above.

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