No Need to Touch Your Phone When a Call Comes

Your Google Assistant is ready to support you when you need it. Deal with your schedule, get support with common errors, control eager home gadgets, make most of your diversions and significantly more.

Just start with: "Hello Google"

Play music and recordings with your voice

Find music based on a type, play your main tune, playlists, digital recordings and music recordings, or find the perfect tune for exercises such as cooking, meditation or working. You can leave sweet and improve volume.

Get fast bearings and nearinformation

Find answers quickly about organizations, food and attractions, including business time, traffic data and Google Maps headings. You can find the best café in the same way or find the leaves of the vehicle near you.

Keep your schedule steady and deal with your schedule so you can remember significant adjustments and gatherings. Set up updates and get alarms so you can keep your day out by day's tasks. Your assistant makes it easier to take notes, set watches, add items to your shopping room and set alerts.

"Remind me to drink water every morning"

"Add eggs and bread to my purchase list"

"Set a warning at 7:00 am."

Search for and find quick solutions on the web

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Find quick solutions to your enquiries when you are in the city or at home. Get constant climate predictions and updates while you're abroad, find out how to record, check sports scores, search the web or get language interpretations.

"How much is the amount 50 in euros?"

"Tell me the most recent news"

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