Make a Video by Adding Your Favorite Music

Best video editor for YouTube, free motion creator and slideshow creator with music!

Recording for YouTube with video editor s/ you're created to make videos! Free and No Watermark provides powerful tasks to users, helping users get more attention and subscribers on YouTube.

Video merge, cut, trim, music, text, speed adjustment, video transition and FX filters are available in video editor for YouTube. Share your videos on YouTube, create status videos for Instagram, creator and blog creator of Best Offer... Without losing video quality!

HD Video Editor

- No watermarks on the pro video maker and your videos with full functions.

- Video merger and video connector. Merge multiple video clips into one video.

- Video trimmer and video cutter. Trim and cut the video to the length you need.

- Video speed control. Adjust video speed to 0.2 × to 100 ×.

- Fast / slow speed video mode. Make your videos faster and slower in a fun way.

- Change the video background. Change or obscure the video background for Instagram.

- Video maker with fit plutoir ratio. Support many video ratios like 1: 1, 16: 9, 3, 2, etc. Complete your video editing needs to be shared on YouTube, Tick Talk, Instagram...

Create music video

- Add music to your videos. Video Guru is a video editor with a huge free music library.

- Add your own music to YouTube editing, include lip synchronization.

- Adjust the original video volume.

- Easy music video maker used for YouTube, blog creator and producer of motion.

Video filters and effects

- Video editing app with custom filters and effects option and YouTube editor.

- Add amazing movie style video filters and FX effects to the video panorama.

Add video transitions

Merge the video with the transition effects. Professional cinematic video producer.

30+ Cold transitions supported! Fade In / Out, Scan, Ambiguity, Flash, Error ...

Add text and emoji to videos

- Add animation to text and sticker.

- To choose, you can also upload different fonts, you can also upload your favorite fonts.

- Add emoji and photo stickers to your video and adjust the ambiguity.

Slideshow creator and status creator

- Best photo slideshow manufacturer for Android.

- Edit videos with pro-music and photos.

Video compressor and video converter

- Select a resolution to narrow and convert your videos. Custom quality video maker.

- HD video maker and video trimmer app, advanced blog creator and proposition maker for new school.

- Improve the quality of your converted videos, support resolution up to 4K.

Save and Share videos

1. Export videos in HD quality.

2. Share videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tick Talk.

Download video editor app from here

Video editor for YouTube is the best video producer and blog editor, as it includes the most powerful editing menu as shown in the text above. It will allow every user to use the vlog video for YouTube. As a video editor for YouTube, a unique video trimmer and video connecting app, help you continuously update your videos with different effects, filters, backgrounds and fonts, etc.

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