India vs England match

The term broadcasting means the transmission of radio or video content using radio frequency waves. With the recent advancement in digital technology, radio broadcasting now applies to many types of content distribution. Today you’ve the choice of tuning in to more types of radio station than ever before.
India vs England match

India vs England match

Many people have problems with gas and acidity after eating. Some people have this problem after a heavy breakfast, others after eating. In such cases, taking acidity and gas medications every time can increase your stomach upset. Today we will tell you an easy and quick way to get rid of the gas problem, which you can use at any time. The special thing about these steps is that you will not take much time to do them and it will also give you relief from gas. So, let us tell you what are the remedies for this gas.

Wear loose clothing and stand up straight.

Gas occurs after eating and when the contents of your stomach go into your esophagus and you get acidity. In such a situation you should first try to stand up straight. This is because standing puts less pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter, which reduces inflammation and acidity in your esophagus.

Your esophageal sphincter is a sound of muscles that prevent stomach acid from growing in your esophagus. Apart from this, you can also wear your clothes loose to get instant relief on the formation of gas, which makes you feel better.

If you have gas and you want to go to sleep, the easiest way to relieve gas is to set your pillow properly. To do this, keep your head slightly above the rest of your body at bedtime. This will prevent your acidic bile juices from reaching your throat through the esophageal sphincter, which will keep you well asleep.

Asafoetida is considered digestible. If you have a problem with gas after eating, get a teaspoon of asafoetida, add a little black salt and eat it. This will reduce gas and indigestion problems. As well as roasting hing after eating, eating with jaggery also never causes gas problem. This is because asafoetida has vitamin C as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help digest food properly and help relieve acidity and stomach pain.

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Analog radio consists of two main types: AM and FM. Analog radio station frequently feeds only one transmitter and referred to as an AM station or an FM station in the U. S. But it is quite possible for a station to feed both transmitter in a similar area or to feed more than one transmitter covering different areas.


Digital Radio
Four standard for digital radio system exist worldwide: IBOC, DAB, ISDB and DRM. All are different from each other in several respects


a company named iBiquity Digital corporation, with a trademarked name of HD radio, developed IBOC and still continues to manage it. Introduced for a regular use in 2003, it’s now in frequent in the U. S. More than 2,000 u. S. AM and FM station are using the IBOC digital radio services today.

Also known as Eureka 147 in the U. S. And as digital radio in the U. K. DAB comes with a number of advantage similar to IBOC. But it is fundamentally different in its design. Recently, improved version of DAB, known as DAB+ and DAB IP, have been developed.

Specifically developed for Japan in 2003, ISDB TSB is the digital radio system used for multi program services. It is currently using transmission frequencies in the VHF band. A unique features of ISDB TSB is that the digital radio channel are intermingled with ISDB digital TV channels in the similar broadcast.

Listen Live FM Radio From All Over World

DRM is a system developed primarily as a direct substitute for AM international broadcasting in the short wave band. DRM uses the similar channel plan as the analog services and with some limitations and changes to the analog service. A DRM broadcast can share the same channel with an analog station. Existing channel allocation DRM is a single audio channel system when used with.

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