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 Today we have come up with 4 best investment options for job seekers. Investing in this will give you a good return.

Good news for job seekers

This is the best option to invest

You can get a good return by investing in it

There is always confusion among job seekers about investing. Do not understand where, when and how to invest. However, everyone must save, whether the salary is high or low. One should start saving for one's future. Money should be invested where there is a double benefit. That means tax savings along with more profits. We are going to talk about some such investment options.

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

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Public Provident Fund i.e. PPF is a popular option for long term investment. It also offers good interest along with safe investment. The interest rate on PPF has always been 7 per cent to 8 per cent. It can increase or decrease depending on the economic situation. The interest rate on PPF is currently 7.1 per cent, which is a compounding on annual aging. Interest earned on small savings schemes such as PPF is reviewed by the government every quarter. PPF investments are tax free in the EEE category. The interest received will also be tax free and the amount received on maturity will also be completely tax free.


Gold is also a good option for investment. There are many ways to invest in it, such as Gold ETF, Gold Coins, Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme. It has a good gold ETF and sovereign gold scheme as it has no fear of theft. Experts believe that investors should also invest some of their investment in gold. This keeps the portfolio balanced.

Equity Mutual Fund

Experts say that a portion of the investment in the job market should be invested in mutual funds. It would be better to invest in equity mutual funds through SIPs in mutual funds. In it, investors benefit from a rally in the stock market. Here you can start investing for less than Rs.500. Investors who have started a job can invest here. Is a good option for them.

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You can invest in recurring deposit (RD) little by little every month. This is the best option in terms of regular savings. The minimum investment limit on recurring deposits of most banks starts from Rs 500. It also has different interest rates. SBI is offering recurring deposit interest ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 5.4.

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