Important Tips to Avoid Cyber Crime

In today's technology age, everything has become digital, criminals are digitally and digital lysis is committed. Cyber experts and officials are advising people to be aware of the rising cyber crime and not share their personal details with strangers.

In the last 2 years, cyber crime has been reported to 256.

In Ahmedabad, cyber crime was initially only made under the Crime Branch. After this, the rise in crime rates has turned cyber crime into a separate police station. Since 2018, a cyber crime police station has been set up in Ahmedabad, dealing only with digital crime. Cyber Crime Police Station has registered 256 crimes over a period of over 2 years. Crime was initially low, but has since increased dramatically. In the current year of 2020 alone, 131 crimes have been reported. It has also collected money from many cyber crime victims.

Cyber crime often involves fraud, hacking, illegal call centres, fake accounts, abusive comments or posts on social media. Based on technical analysis, cyber crime has also detected a number of crimes. Some criminals commit crimes from outside the country, so it is difficult to arrest them and some criminals use servers outside the country to prevent them from flashing, so they cannot be traced. The highest number of cases of cyber crime during this year has been reported in the name of PAYTM KYC.

Organisation-police organize various activities to raise awareness among the public

Significantly, the process of registering a complaint of this crime has now become easier, where in which any citizen can file a complaint at a nearby police station, the organisation and the police department organise various activities to raise public awareness. Also, do not share your bank details and personal details by phone or SMS.

Advice to police to reduce cybercrime

PAYTM KYC has suffered the most this year.

Do not give OTP or bank details to anyone on the phone.

If any fraud occurs, file a complaint with the nearest police station.

Keep confidentiality in your social media account if possible.

ગુજરાતી વાંચો

Change password for email, social media account from time to time

Also note security features in the special app.

Don't talk to a stranger on the phone.

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