Important App for Women's Safety

The Indian Women's Safety App is designed to save lives in any emergency. In case of any unsecured situation, tap the SOS button to immediately increase the SOS warning for trusted contacts saved in the app. This includes electronic media, such as sending derogatory material to a group of individuals or people to deceive or to offend. Cyberstackcan be known or completely unknown for the victim and this is a crime.

How can a cyberstack errs on a woman?

They can copy your identity online to damage your reputation or relationships with your friends/ family/ colleagues, etc.

They can access your social media account and change your activities online activities, your personal information, and your password.

They can determine your location using GPS or some spyware.

They can use profanity when commenting on your posts/ photos on social media.

They can try to gather your personal and sensitive information by interacting with your family/ friends/ colleagues, etc.

They may blackmail you for sharing your personal photos, videos, etc. which would be a shame for you.

How do you know if you are a victim of cyber-stocking?

When you have some strange activities like -

Someone visits your profile more often during the day or week

Someone has made a bad comment on your post or photo or used abusive language.

Someone has asked about your personal and sensitive information on social media.

Someone asks for your photos and videos.

If you see such activities, do not ignore them and take immediate action.

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Cyberstacking is difficult to defeat because the stocker may be in another position or sitting three cubic miles away from the victim. In the unknown world of the Internet, it is difficult to verify the identity of a stocker, collect the evidence required for arrest, and then find a cyberstalker in a physical place. Therefore, safe living resources are always advised, effectively without compromising the risks to resources online.

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