How to Get Rid of Intoxication

D Vijay. Vijayvargiya says there are many types of addictions and each one has a different level of knowledge. According to him, this way you can find out how much drug addiction there is.

Addiction, despite not wanting, is called addiction. In serious cases, one is aware that addiction can harm him for many reasons, such as social/financial, family, respect. Yet he becomes addicted.

Loss of work or study: Most of the attention of an addict is on addiction. In such a situation, students may be affected by this habit and their productivity may be affected if a working person becomes addicted.

Increasing costs on addiction: Addicts start spending more money on it. In such situations, they are under increased financial pressure and addiction. If you are spending more money on addiction than before, it could be an early sign of addiction.

How to Get Rid of Addiction

Don't quit alcohol suddenly: Most people think of quitting drugs slowly, although experts advise against it. D Vijay. Vijayvargiya says that if you want to give up this habit, it is advisable to avoid drugs suddenly.

Boost ing confidence: The biggest role in quitting alcohol is based on strong mind and determination. If you have decided not to use the drugs again, first increase your confidence. Trust yourself and say don't do this again.

Family. Family Support: According to experts, family support is the most needed during this period. If the family spells out addiction, it will be difficult to quit. Thefamily should therefore support them.

Get treatment for chronic illness: Often, a person is intoxicated by a disease. A disease takes the form of drugs to forget, and then it becomes addictive and has a bad impact on health. So, know the cause of the drug and if there is a disease, get it treated.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Distance from bad things: There are many reasons for getting drunk. Sometimes, a person gets drunk because of pressure or friendship. However, if you are ready to give up your addiction, avoid such things. According to experts, if a friend asks you to drink, it is your enemy.

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