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What are the files by Google? Go to Google the fastest data move app files: Empty space on your phone Yes, you have probably used apps like SH SHAREit and Xender to start up for data moving and then on to the bottom. These apps move Snappy data without web help. 

All these data moving apps manage the field of WiFi and interest systems, which is why they do not check the need for the web, but you need someone like Sharritt and Xander to share data at this time. Similarly, the app will not need to take into account the way Google makes apps that move snappy data and will also share data through a field of interest without Wi-Fi and any web support.

How to clean the spare rooms?

When you open the app, you will be told the status of your additional telephone room.

Below is the trust records on your phone, first you will see the section of the waste archives of use, this piece contains a trick under which confirm and free tap on it.

It also tells you how much space you can free up in your phone app.

To clear or delete the record, you will get the "Select and Release" button in each section, you need to tap it according to your location to clear it.

Next, select any archives you need to provide, tap the insert button below. The app will ask you for a certificate, tap on the elimination.

A few taps, you can fill in more quickly and successfully than any other time in the current memory: delete old photos and images from the visit app, delete duplicate archives, destroy unused apps, clean your store to say too little.

Check your store

Use files to see how much space remains on your phone and SD card. Successfully move records to the SD card to allow your phone to be collected directly from the app. Or use the connected record cleaner to get more space on the phone.


You will understand with confidence what you are saying, we cannot find refuge behind the terms and pronunciations. Select what you need to share and keep the rest. It's your photos, your chronicles, your records so you charge.

Pick up phone performance

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Use files to keep enough memory so that your phone is running smoothly. Regularly, you get short-term garbage or short-term reports that make you really move to collect immediately.


Get strong records proposals to erase before you're empty. The more you use the files app proposal, the more grand.

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