Do You Know How Much Petrol the Plane Wants to Walk 1 Kilometer?

Select the optimal speed for getting a better mileage, mileage, cost/ km-km for almost all vehicle models. Save up to 30% of fuel

Reminders - Get insurance, RC, DL, PUC, EMI reminder 30 days before the specified date. Save time, fine due to delay, amount of currency due to non-compliance of rules.

L Log Book - Manage Fuel Bills, Service Cost etc.

Trip Fuel Price Estimate - Find trip fuel price estimate for 3 vehicles. Select the most efficient vehicle and fill the fuel tank as per requirement.

Summary of the journey - Get a speed graph with minimum, maximum and average speed in the journey. Journey Records. Improves driving skills with the objective of saving fuel and reducing maintenance costs.

Vehicle Cost Analyanalytics - Weekly / Monthly Cost Analysis for Your Vehicle: Fuel Cost / Km. Insurance / Km. Service Price / Km. Total Cost / Km. Decide to use personal car or taxi whatever is appropriate.

Heads up display - Projects speed / mileage on windshield at night. Use your smart phone to upgrade your car to the next pay model.

Fuel prices in states (India only) - Get petrol/ diesel/ CNG daily price update at 7 am. Fill your tank where you find cheap fuel.

Emergency Number (India only) - Simple dial of government issued emergency helpline numbers (police, ambulance, fire) Saves lives in the public interest of India.

Other features:

Don't say usernames and passwords -

Fuel ABC allows you to login with your phone number and vehicle registration number. So do not bother to remember another username or password.

Work OFFlyline

You can turn off your Internet connection but fuel ABC will run integrated.

Gives mileage V speed -

The model of your vehicle provides information about mileage at different speeds. Saves up to 30% of the fuel. Mileage values are tested at different speeds in accordance with BIS standards.

Fuel cost k km in k -

K/ km for your vehicle at every speed. gives an estimate of the cost of running in For example, 2.9 rupees/ km 40 km / Hour, 3.7 rupees / km 80 km / Helps the user reduce fuel costs. Fuel prices are as per the actual price in the given state. Daily updates.

Daily fuel price information -

Provides information on the fuel prices of all states. Updates are made daily.

The most accurate gear -

Provides information about the appropriate gear for all speed. Proper gear-speed mix reduces maintenance costs

Provides instantANEus speed -

It provides audio and video display of quick speed values computed from GPS.

Displays data in 3 forms -

Displays data in 3 formats. Meters, tables and digital views.

Voice S

Voice support to promote hand-free use of mobile apps. V Voice Is Help is available in 5 languages in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Tamil and Assam

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