Check Your E-Challan

What is e-challan?

E-challan can be a modern programming app with Android-based portable apps and web interfaces. This e-currency is an original account for providing transport enforcement officers and traffic police personnel. This app is included with vehicle and good apps. It also provides a wide range of facilities while covering every significant utility of the traffic enforcement system. The e-challan was inaugurated a few days ago to give people a trick on the official app of the government. It not only saves paper costs but also provides a wide range of space for the system.

Purpose of e-circulation

The Government of India wants to make payment of chala process easier and less busy for the citizens of the country. Till now, citizens of India who have to pay the currency will have to go to the concerned office and wait outside the office to file the fine. As this e-circulation system starts, this penalty submission process will be easier for the payers.

E-Challan Benefits

Efficient use of search to provide a simple, productive and remote traffic authorization infrastructure.

It will guarantee the sharing of information across the country and lead to more appropriate traffic orders and street safety.

This framework intends to provide an ideal response to the current difficulties which vehicle departments are looking at, including issuing traffic challenges, monitoring record/ back-end tasks, crime history, installments, reports and further.

Connect ing all partners with a characteristic framework that guarantees the directness, dependency and directness of the information.

Start the process of completing the roboticization, guaranteeing productivity at each degree of customer.

100% digitization and documentation of records will help improve the impenetrableness of the guilty parties, a variety of crimes are committed, instalments are received on time and thus.

Reduce time and try residents in instalments or living activities that they follow to get currency

Upgrade directly to reduce revenue misfortune

Provide continuous road safety usage reports to the Ministry/ State Governments for the creation of information based strategies.

Easy and efficient choice for transport enforcement officers and traffic police officers

Follow these steps for any orany or phone y/y salary challans @online @

First Step

Applicants must follow the following steps to check the status of e-circulation:

Applicants need to visit the official website of e-challan to check the status of e-challan - Digital Traffic / Transport Enforcement Solution

From the home page of the website, you need to click the "Check The Status of The Movement" option from the menu bar.

E-variable mode

A new web page will appear on the screen where you need to select "Challan Number" or "Vehicle Number" or "DL Number".

Then enter the selected data and then enter the Captcha Code Show on the screen

Variable Details

Check Your E-Challan

Click the "Get Details" option and your variable information will appear on the screensecond step

Now click the Pay Now option.

Then select your desired option to pay your currency penalty.

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