બાળકોને બરાબર બોલતાાં ન આવડતું હોય, મોડુ અને તોતડુ બોલતાાં હોય તો આની ફક્ત એક ચમચી

Occurs in Bengal, Egypt and Arabia. We have these plants somewhere. Its roots and stalks are imported into our country. Its plants have yellow-golden flowers. Chewing its stalks makes the tongue swell and saliva comes out of the mouth. Its flowers are eaten in leaves on coughs. It is imported from Algeria. Meet her

Available in the market. They are two to three inches long and as thick as a fingertip. Meet this

The outside is full of color and the inside is white when broken. Malu nechakhu causes tingling on the tongue.

It is hot and invigorating and cures flatulence, phlegm, paralysis, paralysis, tremors and swelling. It is also a spermatozoa. Rubbing it strengthens the senses. Useful in swelling of teeth, stiffness of tongue etc.

(1) Mix one teaspoon of honey with small peas and lick it daily at night to warm the body and experience sexual arousal.

(3) If the children do not know how to speak properly, if they speak slowly and slowly, it is beneficial to improve the speech with the help of intellect and horse weight loss. (5) Rubbing a bowl of ointment with olive oil cures old, stubborn diseases like head disease, joint disease, musculoskeletal disease, mouth and chest disease, paralysis, paralysis of the mouth, crunchiness, paralysis of limbs.

(3) Pain is relieved by placing the scalp, hollow, on top of the teeth.

(2) Hypertension is cured by licking a teaspoon (1/2) teaspoon of alcohol and honey or putting it in the nose.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

(2) By rubbing the scalp of Akkalkara in the mouth and rinsing it, the virulence of the mouth disappears.

(3) Akkalkaradi lime is available in the market. It cures anorexia, anorexia, cough, asthma, asthma, dementia, epilepsy etc.

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