અદભુત ચિત્રો.... તમે પણ કહેશો ચિત્રકારે શુ દિમાગ લગાવ્યુ છે....

Simple Gallery brings you all photos lost on your Android in a photo stylish simple app. Browse, manage, harvest, and edit, recover accidentally deleted files or create hidden galleries for your most valuable images and videos. And with advanced file support and complete customization, ultimately, your gallery works in the way you want.

Advanced Photo Editor

Rotate photo editing in a child's game with an updated file organizer and image album in the Simple Gallery. Natural gestures make it much easier to edit your images on flight. Apply stylish filters to quickly cut, flip, rotate and change the size of photos or pop up quickly

All files you want

Simple Gallery supports JPEG, PNG, MP4, MKV, RAW, SVG, GIF, Panoramic photos, videos and many different file types so you enjoy the full relief in the format of your choice. Wonder if I can use this format on my Android? The answer is yes.

Make your

The highly customized design of the simple gallery allows you to look, feel, and work the way you want the photo app to work. From UI to function buttons on the bottom toolbar, simple gallery gives you the creative freedom required in the gallery app.

Retrieve black-and-black photos and videos

Never worry about accidentally deleting a precious photo or video that you cannot change, simple gallery allows you to recover any deleted files quickly, which means that the simple gallery is the best media gallery for Android, simple gallery is a beautiful image as a beautiful image vault app.


Make sure your photo album is safe. With the best quick security features in simple gallery, you can use a PIN, pattern or fingerprint scanner on your device to limit who can view or edit the photos and videos you choose or access important files quickly. You can protect the app manually or you can click on specific tasks of file generator.

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