દાંત માં સડો આવી જાય અથવા દુઃખાવા થાય તો કરીલો આ કાર્ય

This disease is the worst disease of the teeth. Whose roots require special treatment. If left untreated, pus and germs can enter the body and spread other diseases. This pyorrhea is caused by bacteria. These bacteria release toxins that cause inflammation of the gums, which in turn triggers inflammation and other decay processes that result in tooth and tooth decay in a number of ways. Short-term pyorrhea: This is the most common type of gum disease, in which all teeth Damage to the soft tissues that support the side seems to occur.

In which the problem of tooth loss is less than that of very aggressive pyorrhea. This is an adjunct to any other health related disease which is associated with diabetes. So that the patient is less aware of the disease. Necrotizing periodontal disease that has a severe form. This causes the roots of the gums, the epidermis and the tissues to be destroyed. People who are suffering from malnutrition and have a disease like AIDS are more likely to get the disease.

Symptoms of pyorrhea include bad breath, red guinea pigmentation, taste in the mouth, bleeding gums and teeth, pain when touching the gums and no pain if the hands are not touched, loosening of the teeth, chewing of anything. Pain, swelling of the gums, crusting of the teeth, etc. are the symptoms of pyorrhea.

The infection spreads from the gums to the teeth and the muscles that support the teeth. As the pyorrhea patient's teeth begin to move away, the space between the gums begins to fill with dirt and debris, the inflamed gums become entangled in the gums, and in the ongoing swelling and redness, the muscles on all sides of the teeth begin to rot. It is the bacteria in the decay that increase the chances of infection and the disease in the teeth. The main reason is that the disease is spread by the accumulation of dirt in the teeth and gums.

Not brushing teeth properly, eating irregularly, not digesting food properly, liver damage, contaminated blood as skin disease, addiction, not chewing properly and constipation, hormonal fluctuations, vitamin C and D deficiency, brushing We will show Ayurvedic remedies to eradicate pyorrhea which also cures the problem associated with pyorrhea and other teeth. In which you will be able to eradicate pyorrhea from the roots through this home remedy.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Salt is very useful in the treatment of pyorrhea. Salt is antibacterial which is why it kills the bacteria of Pyorrhea. The use of salt in pyorrhea stops swelling, pain and bleeding. In Pyorrhea you can prepare a solution by adding two teaspoons of salt in a glass of water and rinse with it two to three times a day which will cure the disease in a few days. Turmeric is the most beneficial, which has a very effective effect in pyorrhea. The swelling on the gums goes away in a short time. The disease can be cured by using turmeric as a toothpaste.

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