હવે તમારા ફોટો, ડોક્યુમેન્ટ , મેંસેજ, વિડીઓ વગેરે કોઈ જોઈ ન શકે તે રીતે હાઇડ કરો

Hide and hide pictures, videos and lock apps by Photo Lock app. The Photo app is completely free to hide unlimited photos and videos. Do you really want your personal life? Keep your gallery secret and don't worry when giving your smart phone to friends and family when the Photo app app is installed in your phone.

Top features

Hide pictures and videos: Your files will be stored secretly and can only be viewed in this application after entering a numeric PIN or pattern.

Safe Browser: Surf the Internet using Safe Browser and also download photos and videos that will be stored secretly within this application. You can easily bookmark your favorite sites to access.

Application Lock: A powerful application locking system for locking private and social applications with the fingerprint applock option for compatible devices.

Advance features

Hide Share

You can hide photos and videos directly from the phone gallery or SD card by sharing them on the Photo app app.

Fake vault

Create fake wallets with different passwords to store fake photos and videos.

Stealth mode (change app icon)

The photo app icon magically disappears and is replaced by an incognito icon e.g. News, weather, radio, etc. You can also launch this app without your phone's settings / apps / photo lock / manage space icon.

Face down luck

The application will perform the action you assigned when your device is down. You can choose to close the application or open a website or other application in an emergency.

Fake cover

To prevent your password from being broken, change the screen access of your apps. The closed dialog of fingerprint scanner and fake force will hide the real lock screen.

Intruder selfie

An intruder automatically takes a selfie when someone tries to breach your privacy by entering the wrong password or pattern.

Inbuilt image viewer and video player

Support inbuilt image viewer to view pictures and show slideshow with transition effects.

Support inbuilt video player to play videos with any media player installed in your phone.

Uninstall profile

Prevents a photo app from being uninstalled by children or strangers.

This application uses the permission of the device administrator.

This application uses accessibility services.

Quick tips

Download Photo Lock App -Hide Pictures & Videos

To quickly change the PIN, go to the Settings tab and click Change Password.

After you hide pictures and videos, the Export to Photo lock icon returns your media when needed.

Easily change the slideshow interval using the Settings tab.

Use the theme icon to color the screen so that you don't get bored.

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