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Share market expert Jagdish Thackeray termed the budget presented by Finance Minister Nitin Patel as a development budget. Positive budget welcomed the development of the state.

Rani's Vav has been included in the copy of Gujarat's budget for the year 2021-22. The last page of the budget copy has a photo of Vav, the queen of Patan.

Nitin Patel announced in the budget that heliports would be constructed at 6 places in the state. He said that permanent heliports would be developed at pilgrimage and tourist destinations in the state and heliports would be set up at Ahmedabad, Somnath and Ambaji in the state. Heliports will also be set up at Dwarka, Saputara and Gir. He said that in order to boost tourism, Rs. Heliport will be constructed at a cost of Rs 3 crore.

What did animal husbandry get? Provision of Rs. 31 crore has been made for setting up of dairy farms and goat unit for self-employment at village level. Provision of Rs. 2 crore for the services of 1 mobile veterinary hospital per 10 villages. Provision of Rs. 25 crore for Cow Service and Gauchar Development Board for implementation of various schemes like Gauchar Improvement for Gaushalas or Panjarapolos. Provision of Rs. 50 crore for CM free animal treatment scheme. Provision of Rs. 50 crore for assistance in purchase of fodder for cattle in the State. Provision of Rs. 3 crore for services of Karuna Animal Ambulance-15 Helpline. Dudhala Gir - Provision of Rs. 3 crore for establishment of cattle farm of Kankraj cows and scheme for self-employment through sale of milk and milk products.

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Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel's announcement in the Legislative Assembly: Two lakh new youths will be recruited in the next five years. 2 lakh youths will be recruited in government offices, board corporations, local bodies. 20 lakh youth employment opportunities will be created in different sectors in the next five years.

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