નમો ટેબલેટ સહાય યોજના ૨૦૨૧

Digitization is being promoted in our country India and it is very important to digitalize students to make India digital, if the next generation will fully develop itself in the age of digitalization with the help of digital tools, the time will come very good, Namo tablet plan for India. Presented by the Prime Minister of our country to digitalize India and revolutionize the world of education, under which the students of the state pay a very low price. Branded tablet. By using this tablet, you will be able to take your step towards digital age and take your education digitally.

Under the Namo Tablet scheme, college students will be given branded and high quality tablets at a very low price of around Rs.1000 as the government wants to provide good quality products to these students. He can achieve modern education by using this tablet. The government could have given the tablets to the students for free if it wanted to, but in that case the students did not understand its true value and could not use it properly, considering that the government took only ₹ 1000 from the students and gave them good variety and all. Will provide a tablet with features

Namo Tablet Registration Process

If you wish to take the Namo pill, you must contact your college or educational institution where you have been admitted. Namo Tablet Plan Registration Therapy

Contact the college lodge and get information about the Namo tablet scheme from them and you will have to deposit ₹ 1000 in the college itself which will be the charge of the tablet, after depositing the charge you will be given the tablet by college by college.

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