મેરેજ સર્ટી કઢાવવાની સંપૂર્ણ પ્રોસેસ અને ડોકયુમેન્ટની યાદિ

Marriage is considered to be a rite of worship in India. That is why our law covers marriage registration. Marriage registration is a requirement of any couple. Those who are educated or illiterate must bear their responsibility.

Friends, let us know the process of marriage registration. This means, thank you for getting a marriage certificate.

The fees for marriage registration are as follows:

If the registration ends within a month from the date of marriage, the fee is Rs. 500/ -

If registration is completed within 3 months from the date of marriage, the fee will be Rs. 15 / -.

If you register for a sum of 3 months from the date of marriage, the fee is 25/ -

2 contract stamps of Rs.1100 + 100 on the Agreement form as well as Rs. Three rupee court stamps must be mandatory.

Wedding Marriage Registration Forms are forms for marriage registration in a free market from the Registrar.

Registrar for Marriage Registration:

Talati Minister for Village Panchayat

Municipal Chief Officer or Health Officer Municipal Medical Officer (Health)

CEO of the proposed sector

Methods of registering marriage:

To register marriage, the marriage parties must prepare the nomination list in the nominated model and tilt within 2 copies of the registration list of the venue where the marriage is married within thirty days from the date of marriage. Form No.5 and Form No.1 will be filed for marriage registration. Two witnesses will have to sign the form. The Registrar can then check the shape and the evidence given and issue a marriage certificate if you find it acceptable. You can obtain a marriage registration certificate in every Gujarati and English language.

In April 2011, the Revenue Department of the Delhi Government introduced an 'urgent' service guaranteeing one-day marriage authorization, which is being carried out on a priority basis. The service, which has been operational since April 22, 2014, will provide voters with a number of registration s/he of their compliance and a rs. 10,000 as fee.

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો

Benefits of Marriage Registration:

The marriage registration is a blessing in some circumstances. It is necessary to produce documents like election card, license, support card, card, marriage registration certificate etc. The most important factor is that the only proof of support for marriage is the marriage certificate. Besides registering a name in the id card, the marriage certificate is important to make passports, the benefits of presidential schemes, the benefit of pension in the job and the number of offices.

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