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Examination Pay Discussion Central Education Minister Ramesh The Crocodile Nish has announced that the fourth of the Prime Minister's dialogue program with school students, teachers and guardians will be held next month. Mr. Nishk said in a video message that the registration process for the next 'Exam Pay Discussion' program has been opened by March 14. 

He informed that this time the program will be held virtually. He said, the participants of this program will be made by online competition, which will be planned on the MyGove platform. Mr. Nilk was informed that until March 14, the portal of online creative writing companies will be open. The 'Examination Pay Discussion' responds in an attractive style of related questions related to the Prime Minister's examination of the Prime Minister's Examination.

The students' questions of standard 9 to 12 will be invited by the MyGove platform and the selected questions will be displayed in the program. About 2 thousand school students, teachers and guardians are going through creative writing competition. The competition has been assigned different views for students, guardians and teachers. The selected participants will participate in the online program from the state and the Union region. The Board of CBSE Standard 10 and 12 is to start from May 4.

The dialogue is eagerly waiting for every young man, he is coming back once again. Yes, the discussion on the examination with Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be organized soon!

Prepare to get answers to your questions by forgetting the tension and nervousness of the exam!

On the demand of all of you, this popular dialogue with the Prime Minister will not only include students, but also parents and teachers.

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The inspiration of all of us will not only suggest and advise you from the Prime Minister, but also you can ask them questions of your mind!

So how will you get a chance to join the fourth edition of the discussion (a student, guardian or teacher) exam?

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