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Among the spine animals, birds are the most prosperous group in all natural environments of our country. Rivers, though exceptions, are home to many bird species: some follow the river route as a migration route between European and African continents, some go to eat, nest or rest.

Blut finds the temperature and conditions in our latitudes that are ideal for living throughout the year, especially in rivers and other areas of water.

The presence of birds in the rivers is very clear in winter. Leafy trees allow us to see these inhabitants, which are generally more and more large than those that exist over the longest period of time. In spring and summer, though, they don't look much, but they want to sing a lot because the leaves protect them. If we are not expert in songs, their identity becomes relatively complex.

The planet's temperature has been a cause of a significant change in the structure and functionof natural systems over the last decades. In particular, in the mediterranean context, it is difficult to identify the changes in the rivers related to climate change because they are highly regulated and modified by excessive gatheringand diversified structures. Putting this aside, recent studies suggest that the frequency of extreme events along the river bank is already increasing due to low levels of river conditions and droughts. 

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As for birds, the birth and reproduction activity has already been detected with a one or two week progress and further and delayed migration. This example may lead to poor coordination with food availability, whether it be of plant origin (fruits) or animals (aquatic insects, amphibians, rats, other bird species, etc.).

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