A Simple Way to Know Which Foods Are Mixed at Home

Assistant Commissioner of Rajkot District Food and Drugs L.D. Talking to Faldu, he said that Food Safety and Standards Authority India has issued a Dart Book, detected attenuated test which can be downloaded from the website and studied can easily help anyone to know if they mix milk, ghee, oil, cereals. or what is not.

No other devices are required for this. In some tests, iodine called tincture can be found in medical stores and can be detected on the basis of the fact that some combinations have a color-altering nature. Insist on the bill at the time of purchase and report it to the Corporation or the District Administration if there is any confusion and direct action can be taken wherethe purchase is made.

Milk, starch in cheese

Put two drops of tincture into the milk and see that it changes colour and mixes it with purple. If there is cheese or mussel, boil it in water first and add tincture after cooling.

Potatoes sprinkled in ghee

 Put two tablespoons of ghee in a small glass bowl. Put two drops of tincture iodine in it. If it is mixed, it will change color to blue.

Toxic chemicals in oil

Put some oil in a glass bowl. Add butter. If the oil turns red, it contains a toxic chemical called TOCP.

Detergent in milk

Take a little milk and add the same amount of water and then stir evenly. Pure milk will have very little foam when mixed, it will contain a thick foam level.

Chilli branch

Pour chilli powder into a glass of water. Pure chillies will sit with one colour. The straw will swim on the water.

Grass B in cumin

Grass grains are boiled in charcoal powder and mixed with cumin seeds. Take a handful of cumin seeds in the palm and rub it. If the palm is black, it is confused.

Black Pepper

Put black pepper in a glass, black pepper will sit at the bottom and fry with papaya.

Cut into tea powder

Make a small egg of tea powder and rotate the magnet around it. Pure dust will make no difference, but the rust or iron powder will attract the magnet.

Color in chilli powder

Fill a glass of water and add chilli powder. If the color is added, it will look different from the colour powder.

Color in turmeric

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Put turmeric in a glass jar. Pure turmeric will sit down, leaving a light yellow colour. If mixed, dark yellow will appear.

Sugar in honey

Add a little honey to a glass of water. If honey is mixed in water, it will be sugar. Pure honey does not melt. Add honey to the cotton honey and burn it, pure honey will burn immediately and the mixture will be heard.

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