એસીડીટી, અપચાથી પરેશાન છો? આ રહ્યા 15 ઘરગથ્થુ ઈલાજ

Although you may take acidity in your stomach, did you know that this acid is so intense that a razor dissolves the blade. So some physicians consider it to be very dangerous. They say that if the acid is so intense, think about how much damage it will do inside the body.

The stomach problems are becoming more common today due to the rush edand irregular living standards. Usually, using fried, baked and spicy foods can cause acidity. Eating time is not certain, which causes ACIDT. When the stomach is more acidthan normal, it is called ACIDT. Let us give you some home remedies that you can get rid of FROM ACDT by adopting them.

Home Remedies for Removing ACDT

When acidity occurs, it should be made of jetimadhu powder or rab. It benefits the ACIDT.

Lemon peel powder or soaked bark water at night should be consumed. This helps in healing acidity or ACIDT.

When acidity occurs, it is beneficial to use trifla powder. Drinking the trifla with milk removes the ACIDT.

Boil the milk with dry grapes. Then, cooling the milk and drinking it helps and acdt is cured.

Drinking a glass of hot water with a few slices of black pepper and half lemon is also beneficial.

Making a small amount of sour, mango and rose flower powder and taking half a teaspoon of it in the morning, it is beneficial for Acidt. The acidity should be eaten as a salad. It is beneficial to cut the radish and sprinkle black pepper and black salt on top of it.

Mix nutmeg and sour nuts and make a powder. This churn is used to remove acidity by taking a flat tenor. If acidity occurs, raw sour sour should be chewed. Chewing the sour leaves removes the ACIDT.

Mix ginger and parv and make rab. Drinking this raab in the morning helps to relieve the acidity.

Drinking empty stomach warm water in the morning helps in acidity.

Drinking coconut water helps in relieving acidity.

Cloves are very beneficial for ACIDT. If it is acidt, cloves should be sucked.

Eating round, banana, almonds and lemon sours acidity quickly.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Add a few mint leaves and boil them. After eating daily, consume this water. ACDT will be beneficial.

Acidity is more often caused by drinking. More heavy meals should be avoided. At the time of ACDT, dinner should be done three hours before bed time so that the food can be digested well. If the ACDT is not cured after adopting this prescription, contact the doctor.

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