તમારા છોકરા ના નામે સેવિંગ કરો 1400 નું

 In the name of the child Rs. Starting at Rs 1,400 crore, Rs 1 crore will be invested before getting the job

Most people at home are concerned about caring for their child. But if parents plan for their children from an early age, they will have a fund of Rs 1 crore at the beginning of their career. From these funds, the child can build his career as desired. This can be done easily by saving money. Is 1,400.

Plan at a glance ..

- Start with 1400 to start saving

- It increases by 15% every year

- It gets 12 percent return

- In 25 years it will be 1 crore rupees

>> Where to invest: Financial advisory company BPN. Finkappa director A.K. According to the corporation, good returns can be obtained if the investment is made for a long time. Such a good return can be easily obtained in a mutual fund. In the last one year, more than a dozen well-known mutual funds have returned more than 50 per cent. In the long run, the return on funds has been better than 12 percent. If you invest in these good funds, you can easily get a return of up to 12%.

How to increase investment: According to Dilip Kumar Gupta, Director, Financial and Investment, people are wondering how to make a small investment. But it is easy to understand. People feel that the investment per month is too low. But there comes a time when investing seems to have paid off. The fund then grows rapidly. The investment in this scheme will be more than Rs 1.5 lakh in the 5th year. This investment will increase to Rs 5 lakh in the 10th year. In the next 15 years, the investment was Rs. 16 lakh. In the 20th year, this number will increase to Rs 42 lakh. In 25 years, this investment will be more than 1 crore.

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The entire rupee will be tax-free: According to income tax adviser Rajiv Tiwari, investors in equity mutual funds benefit from long-term capital gains tax. Investment in this fund becomes completely tax free after 1 year. There is no tax on any of these benefits. - This post Gujarat Sutras here by

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