ખાવામાં રિફાઈન્ડ ફૂડ જેમ કે, મેંદો-બ્રેડ જેવા ફૂડ લેવાથી મૃત્યુનું જોખમ 27% રહે છે

 New research on refined grains is alarming. According to research, refined grains such as mutton and bread cause heart disease and increase the risk of death by 27 percent. If you include such foods in your daily diet, the risk of heart disease is up to 33 percent and the risk of stroke is up to 47 percent. This claim was made by scientists at a Canadian university.

1.37 lakh people were researched

The results of research on 1.37 lakh upper and middle income people for 16 years show the extent to which they are harmed. The grain was divided into three parts for research. Refined Grain, Whole Grain, White Rice. Research has shown that white rice and whole grains did not cause harm to people, but refined grains did. Reducing the amount of refined grains in the diet can reduce the risk of death and disease.

What is refined grain, why is it harmful, which grain is best for health, find out the answer to this question ...

What is Refined Grain?

It is passed through a processing to prepare the product from the grain. Which destroys its fiber and nutrients. These same products are called refined grains. Such as, raisins, bread made from it, pasta, added sugar.

Why is it dangerous?

According to a new research, taking food items prepared after processing does not reach the body. They are used to prepare different foods around the world. Refined grains are easily digested due to their low fiber content. As a result the person consumes more food than is hungry. So it works to increase obesity and blood sugar levels.

These 3 diet related things will reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

1. Eat sorghum / millet bread instead of wheat

Eat sorghum, millet or ragi bread instead of wheat bread. It is very beneficial for heart health. Eat small amounts of sweet and sour fruits like mango and chiku. Take papaya, kiwi, apple instead.

2. Reduce the amount of sugar in the diet

Don't skip fried and swallowed items, but reduce the amount you need. If you have eaten a rose, do not eat anything until the next week. Also reduce the amount of sugar in tea.

3. Eat 20% less food than hunger

Eat 20% less food than you are hungry. Keep a digital weighing machine at home. Check weight every morning. If you weigh more today than you did yesterday, maintain it today through exercise. Don't leave it on tomorrow.

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