શાળાઓમાં સેનેટાઇઝર, થર્મલ ગન નો ખર્ચ કઈ ગ્રાન્ટમાંથી કરવો તે મુંજવણ

 New Delhi: After the first month of 2020 i.e. the last week of January, such pictures started appearing in China and China especially from Wuhan in the whole world. Amidst all such videos, it was known to the world that the threat of corona virus is starting to spread from Wuhan in China and then the world saw a shotgun device for the first time in other Corona affected countries including China. The curiosity in the minds of citizens of many countries, including India, lasted from the last week of January to the beginning of February and March, which device is this, which device is on the forehead of the people during the investigation of Corona in China, Italy. Is kept and then it is assumed that the person standing in front of the corona is suspicious or not?

The same device in India also became the largest weapon to detect Corona suspects in India, which came to know that it is a thermal scanning gun. A thermometer - that shows the person standing in front of the body on a digital display without touching it. After this, outside the largest government office in the country, this thermal gun was considered the biggest weapon to identify or apprehend the Corona suspect?

Special: Thermal Gun is a hoax to catch corona or truth? Is the corona being searched the wrong way in the country?

When the office opened with conditions in lockdown four, then it was decided to stop or stop the employees from entering the office through this thermal scanning gun. If a normal gun's body temperature is seen above 100 or above with a thermal gun, it is considered a corona suspect. With this thermal gun, if the body temperature of the common man is seen below 100, then he is allowed to enter anywhere, because he gets a certificate of not considering the corona suspicious. But when more than 5000 Corona cases have started coming in the country now.

Now the number of corona patients in India is crossing 1 lakh. Should we then assume that only one thermal screening gun reveals a corona suspect? Is it not that thermal screening is being used only in the name of formality in our country? Isn't it that there is a big mistake sitting on the thermal scanning gun? Is it not that thermal scanning is being done wrongly in the country?

Hundreds of laborers gather at the Ramlila Maidan in Ghaziabad for registration to get a place in the Bihar train. During registration, the laborers are distributed a corona free travel certificate, and the laborers are examined as follows - a person's hand is a thermal scanning gun ie body temperature measuring device without touching the body and One, it targets a thermal scanning gun aiming at people's foreheads from a distance of more than a foot and within less than a second the temperature of the people is measured and they are given a certificate of freedom from being corona suspect.

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