IPL હરાજી 2021 - કઈ ટીમે કયા ખેલાડીને કેટલા કરોડમા ખરીદ્યા

 All franchises can have a maximum of 25 and a minimum of 18 players in their team. Any team can have a maximum of 8 foreign players. Currently, Royal Challengers Bangalore has a minimum of 14 players and Sunrisers Hyderabad has a maximum of 22 players, which means RCB will have to buy at least 4 players in the auction. While SRH can buy a maximum of 3 players.

Punjab has the most rupee in its purse to buy players

The salary purse (budget) of the franchise this IPL season has remained the same as last season at Rs 85 crore, meaning Corona has not increased the salary budget this time, while the budget was Rs 80 crore in 2019 and Rs 66 crore in 2018. This time, Punjab has the highest amount of Rs 53.20 crore to buy players. As a rule, the minimum value of a team should be Rs 60 crore, which means 75 per cent of the value of the salary cap.

Right to Match Card (RTM Card) can be used

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Through the Right to Match card, the franchise can return its old players to the auction. For that, he will have to pay the highest bid on the player in the auction. The Rajasthan Royals, for example, have not returned to Steve Smith this season. If a franchisee bids the most on him during the auction, Rajasthan can bring him to their team with the help of RTM card. A maximum of 5 players can be retained through a franchise (RTM card).

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