બાળકોને શરદી થાય અને બામ લગાવતા હોવ તો આટલી બાબત જાણી લેજો

When applying balm to children during colds and coughs, be careful about how much it is used.

Be careful if children have a cold

Know these things before using balm

How often can balm be applied to children?

It is believed that children get colds from time to time due to poor immunity. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child has a cold 8-10 times in the first 2 years after birth. At this time parents especially consider it appropriate to apply balm, but they do not care whether the use of balm on children is appropriate or not.

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Should balms be applied to children

The balm should not be used on children 2 years of age or older. This causes trouble in the baby's respiratory tract. Apart from this it can make it more mucus and cause nasal congestion. Because of this it is not advisable to use balm in winter for a child younger than 2 years.

If the child has a cold then you apply the balm on his chest, back and neck. You may believe that sniffing balm gives relief to a child but it is not safe for children.

Separate balms made for children

Some companies make special balms for children, it is advisable to use this balm only as per the doctor's advice. This moisturizes the baby's body more than usual. It relaxes the baby by massaging the chest, neck, back and soles of the feet. Also, do not use a balm that does not contain camphor for the baby. You can use balms that use ingredients that are considered safe for the baby.

Keep this in mind

If the expiration date of the balm has passed, do not use it not only for children but also for adults.

Never heat the balm. It damages the baby's delicate skin.

Do not apply balm if any part is injured. It can only be applied to the skin.

Apply the balm on the child's hand first and check that it does not cause allergies.

Do not apply balm near nose, head and eyes. This can cause eye irritation and difficulty breathing.

Here are some home remedies to get rid of a child's cold

Take 2 cloves of garlic and fry one samchi ajma with it. Shake it on the baby's chest.

Take a quarter cup of fern oil and heat it. Add 2 garlic cloves and cumin seeds, let the oil heat up. Turn off the gas when it is normal and massage the baby's chest and bottom with it when it is normally warm. He will be relieved.

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