ભારત સરકારે લોન્ચ કર્યુ ડિજિટલ કેલેન્ડર અને ડાયરી

 The unveiling ceremony was held at the National Media Center, where Union Minister Prakash Javadekar, at the click of a button, unveiled the Android and iOS mobile apps of Calendar and Diary.

"Every year we print about 1.1 million calendar lenders and 90,000 diaries but this year we've gone digital."

Head of Press Information Bureau K.S. Dhatwalia told PTI that Rs 7 crore was spent on printing these lenders and diaries last year, but this time the government was going digital as the expenditure incurred by the ministry was close to Rs 2 crore.

"Last year about Rs 1 crore was spent on printing the final lender and diary. This year the ministry has gone digital and the cost is Rs 2 crore."

Speaking on the occasion, Javadekar expressed happiness that the government calendar which used to adorn the walls in the past now adorns mobile phones.

He said the 'GoI Calendar' application is free and will be available in 11 languages ​​from January 15.

"The app will eliminate the need for a new calendar lender every year. Each month will have a theme and accompanying message, featuring a leading Indian personality. The app will also inform people about the timeline of various government programs so far." Said.

Regarding the diary feature of the application, the minister said, "Because of the diary feature, the digital provider is more advanced, more convenient and easier than other digital calendar applications."

This application has been designed and developed by the Ministry of Outreach and Communications, Information and Broadcasting.

It is currently available in Hindi and English and will soon be available in 11 other Indian regional languages, the ministry said.

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An earlier physical version of the Indian government's calendar had reached the panchayat level in the country, while a digital incarnation of the calendar in the form of this application would be available to anyone around the world, it said.

The Government of India Calendar app contains the latest information about various schemes, programs and government publications, official holidays and various important dates, inspirational and inspiring messages from great personalities of the nation, provision for digitalisation of notes etc.

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