દુખાવાનું કારણ સમજો

According to Mayo Clinic research, if your head is tilted forward at 60 degrees Celsius, the weight of the spine is about 27 kg. This bad posture has a bad effect on many parts of the body.

Poor posture affects the back muscles. This pressure reaches the head, neck, back and shoulders through the nerves. This can lead to headaches, jaw pain, neck and back pain, shoulder pain, pain in the knees and hips and paws.

Always keep the head straight when standing. When using a mobile, keep it at eye level. Pull the shoulders back slightly. The legs should be straight, the knees should be in a normal position. Body weight should fall between the legs. Should be shoulder-width apart from the legs

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Sit down: Keep the computer screen at eye level instead of leaning towards the computer screen, windshield, etc., keep the back straight on the chair. If necessary, fold a pillow or towel and apply it to the waist. Keep the keyboard at elbow height. There should be a 90 degree angle between the hips and the knees. Keeping the feet in a comfortable position on the floor.

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