આજનો રાજય ચુટણી આયોગ નો લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર

By translating all, you can travel to any place of your choice. Voice-to-Voice This translation is an ideal feature to help people communicate with people around the world. No more language barriers! Enjoy yourself, your lifestyle and learn new things.

Is a leading translator and dictionary application for translation into all languages, which translates your words for free with voice translation. You can use the app to translate from English to any of the languages ​​of the modern world you want, for example translate from English to Spanish and. Make full use of it every day for any purpose: business, travel and even education.
As a dictionary application, Translate All helps you learn new words by categories, to create your own vocabulary, to see words or any phrases in all languages ​​of higher languages. 

Now you always have the perfect dictionary by your side.
Whenever you need a translator or dictionary, translate all: Translate and Voice is text and dictionary.

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